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The BoardwalkKnotts Theme Park Food & Shops    


Boardwalk Barbeque
If you are looking for a little tropical faire, check out Boardwalk Barbeque offering Hawaiian burgers, pulled pork sandwiches and terriyaki grilled chicken. Aloha!

Grease back that ducktail and grab a booth at Coasters Diner. This signature Cedar Fair eatery combines tabletop jukeboxes and classic 50s tunes with cheeseburgers, French fires and extra-thick milkshakes.

Cordy's Variety Corner
Named after the park's founder, Cordelia Knott, Cordy's Corner features a wide variety of Knott's Theme Park and Peanuts souvenir merchandise and clothing. In addition, Cordy's carries packaged candy, cameras and film.

Dippin' Dots

Hollywood Hits
French fries and fresh-baked pizza. Something to please everyone located in adjacent to the Bumper Cars.

Johnny Rockets
Knott's Berry Farm's Johnny Rockets holds the distinction of being the largest Johnny Rockets in the world! Johnny Rockets is known for its all-American diner look and feel, offering guests delicious food, swinging servers and great jukebox music.


Super Scoop
Try your favorite super scoop ice cream on your choice of cones.


Camp SnoopyKnotts Theme Park Food & Shops    

Cave Inn
Snoopy's hungry friends are invited to take a break with Icees, soft drinks, churros, pretzels, Snoopy ice cream bars and other energy-boosting snacks.

Lucy's Lunchbox
Come in out of the woods for delicious hamburgers, hot dogs, vegetarian sandwiches, fresh salads and Snoopy's Kids Meals. Dine inside or on the patio by Grizzly Creek Falls.

Snoopy's Camp Store
For the Snoopy lover in all of us, Snoopy's Camp Store specializes in signature Snoopy and Peanuts merchandise including character plush, clothing, hats, toys, books, videos, baby items, gifts and collectibles. The shop also features a complete line of Knott's Theme Park "Camp Snoopy" merchandise.

Fiesta VillageKnotts Theme Park Food & Shops    

Casa California Mercado
Located in the heart of Fiesta Village, Casa California features the largest selection of Knott's Theme Park and Snoopy souvenir items and gifts.

Fiesta BBQ
A spectacular lakeside setting for delicious BBQ.

Fiesta Dogs
Delicious hot dogs and other all-American favorites.

La Papa Loca
Fries, fries and more fries including such specialties as carne asada and blue cheese fries.

La Victoria Cantina
Dine in the Cantina's tree-shaded courtyard and enjoy freshly prepared Mexican specialties including: fajitas, burritos, tacos and cinnamon twists.

Ghost TownKnotts Theme Park Food & Shops    

Bear Shop
This shop is a teddy bear lovers dream come true. From large to small, teddies of all kinds can be found. Other irresistible stuffed animal friends include bunnies, kitties, and puppies.

Calico Magic Shop

Calico Saloon
Enjoy sarsaparilla, Knott's signature boysenberry punch, soft drinks, popcorn and other quick refreshments at either of our Saloons.

Chow House
Come and Get it! The Chow House has something for everyone including soft drinks, nachos, hot dogs, pizza by-the-slice, and chili. Then, satisfy your sweet tooth with brownies, turnovers and ice cream.

Fireman's Brigade Barbecue
Your best bet for the tastiest open-air barbecued chicken, ribs, and baked potatoes. Just follow the savory aromas to Bird Cage Square. Outside dining in the heart of Ghost Town.

Funnel Cake Kitchen
Enjoy a Knott's original, hot out of the fryer with powdered sugar and your choice of boysenberry, apple or chocolate toppings. But be warned: they can be addicting!

Geode Shop
If you're looking for Fossil and Mineral samples from around the world that exceed museum quality, come visit the Geode Shop in Ghost Town. Also on display is the largest diversified dinosaur egg collection including one of two known fossil embryo eggs. Services including geode cutting and polishing are available at the shop.

Ghost Town Bakery
Start your day with a cup of hot coffee or frozen mocha, and your favorite baked good or giant cinnamon roll made fresh daily from our bakery.

Ghost Town Grill
Catch the action on Main Street as you savor hamburgers, sandwiches, chicken, chili and other hearty fare. Table service is provided with both inside and patio dining. Healthy choices are available. Open seasonally for Lunch and Dinner.

Ghost Town Grub
Stop by the log cabin on Main Street for delicious funnel cakes!

Ghost Town Magic

Gold Trails Mercantile

Kid's Korral & Kandy
Mosey on over to Kid's Korral & Kandy, a specialty shop specializing in children's clothing with a western flair. Find your youngin' a new cowboy hat and some western duds. They also carry a variety of toys and candy.

Leather Brush Art
What's in a name? Leather Brush art transforms your name or favorite saying into a unique and beautiful work of art. The artist creates each painting by using bamboo with strips of leather as the brush with 3 or more colors. When the painting is completed, the finished product is sealed and protected for a lasting work of art.

Personalized Jewelry
Come and view artists as they create jewelry with your name or initials at the Personalized Jewelry shop. All jewelry is crafted with wire wrapping.

Pitchur Gallery
Commemorate your day at Knott's by taking an old time photo made at the Pitchur Gallery. Choose from a variety of old west costumes, settings and backdrops to capture the special memories of your visit.

Spurs Chop House
Phenomenal food at a reasonable price. Dine on the patio or in front of our fireplace. Spurs offers a fun atmosphere like nothing you've ever experienced at a theme park. Beer,wine and cocktails are available.

Sutter's Fine Family Fare
Come to the crossroads for charbroiled hamburgers, fresh-baked pizzas, plump stick dogs, Navajo tacos, Mrs. Knott's famous fried chicken box lunches, and Knott's funnel cakes.

Tinker's Shack

Indian TrailsKnotts Theme Park Food & Shops    

Bottle House/Indian Trader
truction, the Bottle House was fashioned using 3082 whisky bottles. Bottles were used in the early days when other building materials were hard to come by. Why are the openings to all of the bottles facing inward? Because there would be too much noise when the wind blew if they faced the other way. The Indian Trader celebrates the Native American heritage with arts, crafts and other educational merchandise.

Funnel Cake Kitchen
Calling all Funnel Cake fans! Enjoy a Knott's original hot out of the oven with powdered sugar and your choice of boysenberry, apple or chocolate toppings. But be warned: they can be addicting!

Sutter's Fine Family Fare
Come to the crossroads for Navajo tacos or Indian fry bread.

Wild Water WildernessKnotts Theme Park Food & Shops    

Bigfoot Broiler
Tame the beast within with grilled hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken sandwiches, and other hearty fare.

Mystery Lodge Store
The Mystery Lodge Store features merchandise from the Pacific Northwest Coast. This stunning shop specializes in authentic totems, bentwood boxes, tribal masks, carvings, and jewelry all handcrafted by Native Americans. The Mystery Lodge Store also features a complete line of nature books, tapes and videos, along with signature Mystery Lodge merchandise.

Rapids Trader
Conveniently located at the entrance to Bigfoot Rapids you can dry off with signature Bigfoot Rapids towels and purchase dry clothing. The shop carries a variety of Knott's clothing, merchandise and souvenirs.

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