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Baja RidgeMagic Mountains Food & Shops    

Panda Express
Just like you know it! Chinese creations fresh from the kitchen.

X Photos
Your expression captured on Six Flags' coaster.

Bugs Bunny WorldMagic Mountains Food & Shops    

Canyon Blaster Photos
Capture your family blast. Get a photo of yourself on Canyon Blaster.

Six Flags Kids
Make sure to check out clothing, accessories and essentials for kids.

Totally Toddler
A special collection for the littlest thrill seekers.

Colossus County FairMagic Mountains Food & Shops    

Food Etc.
An Xtreme indoor air conditioned food court serving sushi, pasta, pizza, tacos, nachos, taco salad, submarine sandwiches, turkey legs, cookies and desserts.

Fresh Cut Fries
Serving fresh-cut french fries and soft drinks.

Goliath Goodies
Featuring Churros, fresh fruit and cold beverages.

Goliath Photos
Your expression captured on Six Flags' monster coaster.

Guest Necessity Center
Just what you;d expect: get all your basic necessities and sundries. There;s even an ATM for your convenience.

Johnny Rockets
Every guest can enjoy all-American favorites - hamburgers, shakes and fries served with a smile!

Scream Photos
Your expression captured on Six Flags' screamin' coaster.

Cyclone BayMagic Mountains Food & Shops    

Aqua Beds
Rejuvenation station! Get off your feet and stretch out on one of our water massage beds.

Coaster Candy Company
Bring your sweet tooth! It's your confection connection featuring homemade goodies, world famous caramel apples and an array of unique candy items.

Coaster Girls
Fashions and Accessories for girls.

Cold Stone Creamery
A variety of hand-packed ice cream flavors from your favorite ice cream makers!

Heat Wave
Unique novelties and accessories.

Jetstream Photos
Capture the thrill forever. Get a photo of yourself riding Jetstream.

Johnny Rockets Shake And Fry
Beat the line at Johnny Rockets and come here to enjoy shakes, fries, or onion rings.

Kodak Antique Photos
Here;s your chance to bring back the good old days. At this photo emporium, you can select a setting and costume for a unique photo keepsake.

Los Cuates Mexican Grill
Let your taste buds explode with authentic Mexican fare including tacos, burritos and soft drinks.

Terminator Salvation: The Store
Everything Terminator.

Gotham City BacklotMagic Mountains Food & Shops    

It's the best place to find great Batman stuff!

Corn Cart
Serving fresh-roasted corn.

Papa John's
Hot, delicious pizza and other favorites.

High Sierra TerritoryMagic Mountains Food & Shops    
Caricature Artists
Discover the "you" that belongs in comic books. Have your "funny face" drawn and framed.

Mooseburger Lodge
This High Sierra hunting lodge has the best eats in the Territory with down-home music, entertainment, air conditioning and good food. Plus, visit the lodge's souvenir shop before leaving.

Sierra Treats Candy Store
Time out for treats! Here;s where you;ll find sweets, sweets and more sweets.

Snack'N Shack
Featuring Icees, Dip'n Dots Ice Cream and soft drinks.

Thomas Town Retail Store
You;ll find a great selection of Thomas the Tank Engine gifts and souvenirs right here.

Enjoy cheeseburgers, chicken-strip meals, fries and soft drinks. Children's meals available.

The Movie DistrictMagic Mountains Food & Shops    

It's the cool spot for totally hip fashions.

Eduardo's Grill
South-of-the-Border fare includes tacos, burritos, nacho platters and soft drinks.

Soda Shack
Serving Ice cold Icees, king size soft pretzels, bottled water and assorted soft drinks.

Choose from cheeseburgers, fries and chicken strip meals to individual pizzas.

Rapid's Camp CrossingMagic Mountains Food & Shops    

Katy's Kettle
Saddle up and enjoy cheeseburgers, chicken-strip meals, fries and soft drinks.

Soda Springs
Serving Ice cold Icees featuring Vault, fresh roasted corn, bottled water and assorted soft drinks.

Samurai SummitMagic Mountains Food & Shops    

Tatsu Photos
Capture your fright in flight. Get a photo of yourself flying on Tatsu.

Six Flags PlazaMagic Mountains Food & Shops    

Customized artwork on your favorite garment.

Cartoon Candy Kitchen
World's best caramel apples, plus sweets galore!

Cold Stone Creamery
A variety of hand-packed ice cream flavors from your favorite ice cream makers!

Cyber Cafe
Can;t wait to update your Facebook or MySpace page until the end of your adventure? Then step into our state-of-the-art Cyber Cafe to surf the web, and grab a steaming hot cup of coffee and some Dippin' Dots ice cream while you;re there.

Shop to your Xtreme heart's content at the largest store in the Park. You'll find everything from buttons, pens and plush toys to fabulous Six Flags Fashions and the Park's largest selection of ride souvenirs.

Enjoy an amazingly delicious soft frozen lemonade.

Glass Crafts
Expertly crafted hand-blown glass figurines.

Johnny Rockets Shake And Fry
Beat the line at Johnny Rockets and come here to enjoy shakes, fries, or onion rings.

Looney Tunes Super Store
Everything's Looney Tunes. The Park's widest selection of Looney Tunes merchandise, everything from Daffy to Tazmanian Devil.

Six Flags Photo
Remember to stop by and pick up your special photo taken as you entered the Park.

Talk about a super store. Here;s the place for super products inspired by your favorite superheroes.

Suzette's Bakery
Savor a theme park favorite - delicious funnel cakes, soft drinks and hot beverages.

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