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Jurassic Park
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Revenge Of The MummyUSH Rides    

Revenge Of The Mummy: The Ride

Plunge into the immortal terror of "The Mummy" on a roller coaster ride filled with heart-pounding special effects and shocks at every turn!

This is a highly aggressive ride. This ride employs safety restrictions that may restrict certain people from riding due to their body shape or size. Persons with the following medical conditions should not ride:
Back Disorder
Neck Disorders
Heart Disorders
Abnormal Blood Pressure
Motion Sickness
Recent Surgery
Fear Of Heights
Wearing A Cast
Conditions Aggravated By Fog Effects Conditions Aggravated By Strobe Effects

You must be a least 48" tall to ride Revenge Of The Mummy: The Ride.

Guests must be able to transfer to the ride vehicle's seating with assistance from another member of their party. Attraction Attendants may not assist.

To ride you should be able to: Continuously grasp the lap bar with at least one upper extremity; independently maintain yourself in an upright position while seated; and absorb the sudden and dramatic movements similar to a roller coaster.

Due to the dramatic movement of the ride vehicles oxygen tanks are not permitted.

Attraction not accessible for service animals.

Prosthetic limbs should be secured or removed to prevent hazards or loss due to ride forces.

Stow all loose articles, including cameras and video equipment, in the lockers provided or with a non-rider.

Located in the Lower Lot. Runs continuously every day. Actual attraction duration is variable, depending upon the person, and not counting any time spent waiting in line.

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Jurassic Park
Theme Park Info

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