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Jurassic Park
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Shrek 4-DUSH Rides    

Shrek 4-D

Join Shrek, Donkey and Princess Fiona in Shrek 4-D, an all new adventure which picks up where Dreamworks' Oscar-winning movie Shrek left off and puts you inside the action with stunning 3-D, plus an extra dimension of special effects. Through the miracle of OgreVision, you FEEL the action - right from your own seat! Four dimensions of thrills add up to one amazing experience.

The following guest assistances are available:
Guests may remain in their wheelchair throughout the attraction experience
Guests may remain in their Electric Convenience Vehicle (ECV) throughout the attraction experience
Attraction can accommodate service animals

Persons with the following medical conditions should not ride:
Back Disorder
Eye Conditions
Motion Sickness
Heart Disorders
Neck Disorders
Respiratory Ailments

Located in the Upper Lot. Runs continuously every day. Actual attraction duration is 20 minutes, not counting any time spent waiting in line.

Shrek 4-D
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Jurassic Park
Theme Park Info

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