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Jurassic Park
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Terminator 2: 3DUSH Rides    

Terminator 2: 3D

Inside the lobby of Cyberdyne Systems' state-of-the-art headquarters, their peppy and super-smooth spokewoman will unveil the corporation's vision of a future where humankind depends on robotic laborers. She'll then invite you inside the amphitheater for a live demonstration of their new T-100 Terminator robots' firepower.

But rebels Sara and John Conner bust in to sabotage the demonstration. In response to the threat, the metal-morphing T-2 robot appears on screen to direct the T-100 Terminators in an onstage assault against the human invaders.

Into this full-scale cyber battle rides a enegade robot to fight on the side of the humans. Together, they must defeat the latest model of Terminator and ultimate killing machine, the T-1 Million. Or humanity ay be no more!

Discover what it really means to be thrust right into the heart of an all-out 3D cyber adventure.Step through the doors of Cyberdyne Technologies and watch the famous Terminator Robots come to life. Feel the heat of the flames and the force of the explosions as the battle rages before you in this heart-stopping mixture of live-action stunts and revolutionary 3-D filmmaking. It's mankind's last chance for survival!

The following guest assistances are available:
Guests may remain in their wheelchair throughout the attraction experience
Check with attraction cast member to determine if guest may remain in their Electric Convenience Vehicle (ECV) throughout the attraction experience
Attraction can accommodate service animals
Closed captions monitors are available upon request

Persons with the following medical conditions should not attend the attraction:
Neck Conditions
Back Conditions
Heart Conditions
Motion Sickness
Respiratory Ailments

Pregnant guests should speak with a cast member at Terminator 2: 3D prior to experiencing the attraction and they will be placed in special stationary seats

Located in the Upper Lot. Runs continuously every day. Each show performance lasts 20 minutes, not counting any time spent waiting in line.

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Jurassic Park
Theme Park Info

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